Temporary Closure

Harmony is temporarily closed in both Canada & Barbados. The Mayers family is prioritizing time together at this time. Please follow our Instagram pages @harmonyyogamusic and @yogamusicbarbados for pop up sessions!

At Harmony Yoga & Music Studio, our holistic approach to teaching is unlike any other studio in Niagara.

We offer a full range of classes to students of all ages. In our baby music & yoga, baby & mom yoga, toddler music & yoga, soca pop dance series, gorilla mini chef, jungle fit,  and family classes, you and your child will combine one-on-one relaxing time with singing, playing a variety of different instruments, learning about musical sounds and rhythms, practicing baby sign language and much more.

Children two years and older can also take private music lessons, where they’ll choose from a wide range of instruments, including electric & acoustic guitar, piano, drums, violin and everything in between.

Every day, we challenge our students to grow and excel in the arts with patience, love and encouraging words. Each student is treated as an individual with strengths, weaknesses and unique gifts waiting to be explored.

Step into our space and the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s filled with kids having the time of their lives, making music and learning to channel their energy into creativity. You’ll also take in a relaxed, laidback atmosphere. Our ‘no shoes’ policy throughout the building allows us to keep our wood floors upstairs scuff-free and the entire building clean.

Our instructors specialize in teaching young children how to use music and yoga to effectively express their emotions in a safe, non-judgmental environment. We’re passionate about ensuring our students take an active role in class, and that they use their innate creativity in their efforts to solve problems and learn more about themselves and their world.

As our business grows, you’ll find we strive to maintain the personal relationships we’ve cultivated with each of our students. We’re truly invested in every family who walks through our door, and we can’t wait to meet yours!

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