The Explore – Create – Be Who You Are – Junior Jam Ensemble program is designed to expose young children to an assortment of musical genres, ideas and instruments.

The Explore program is the first in our series and has been developed for infants newborn to walking. It combines musical exploration for both baby and parent. Sing-along’s and hands on access to instruments that fit with the music genre of the week. Babies gain exposure to an assortment of musical sounds and rhythms and baby sign language.

The Create music program, designed for children who are walking to 3 years of age, involves yoga and hands on practice on the instruments. Musical reflection and emotion are introduced. Some songs and rhythms from Explore are repeated in this program so children begin to feel more confident singing along and sharing ideas. New material, songs, rhythms and sign language are introduced.

The Be Who You Are program, geared at children 3 to 5 years of age, is designed to balance creativity, challenge and fun to maximize the children’s understanding of what it means to be themselves. More challenging yoga poses and breathing exercises are introduced, and children will have access to new instruments such as the guitar, full size piano, and ukulele. This program is an excellent way to expose your child to several different musical instruments before deciding what instrument best suits them as they continue on to private lessons.

While the Explore & Create programs both have parent involvement, the Be Who You Are program is an independent class for children in which parents are not involved.

The Junior Jam Ensemble is a group class setting for children 6-8 years old. The 11 week program provides students with a more in depth lesson on how to play guitar, piano, percussion, ukulele, vocal, and violin. After choosing the preferred instrument, students will have a mini performance for family and friends. All classes begin with 10 minutes of yoga/meditative practice. The objective of the class is to experience playing different instruments in a group setting, build patience and discipline, develop problem solving skills while increasing memory, making friends and enjoying playing in the band!

Children’s Choir
We are so excited to begin this new program for children ages 5-12.
Popular & traditional pieces will be learned & performed occasionally in Niagara.
Students must be committed for a minimum of a 4 month session, & be prepared to memorize material(1-3 songs at a time). Choir is an opportunity to learn about self expression, feeling the power of being part of a group of singers, & have a blast practicing & performing!

Harmony Yoga & Music Studio from Carly Manley on Vimeo.

I had been searching for a creative space like this for a long time, and am thrilled to have found Carly and her wonderful staff at Harmony Yoga & Music studio! It’s clear that this is much more than a business for Carly. It’s a passion and a calling. From the moment we walked in the door we felt welcome and at home.
My son has recently started in the “Be Who You Are” program and looks forward to spending time with Carly and Brittney every Saturday morning. It’s so neat for him to be able to move, sing, and explore different instruments each week. These classes have just the right combination of structure and exploration for little ones. Carly has wonderful management skills and gets everyone involved and having fun while also learning a lot.
We’re looking forward to starting our son in private music classes once he’s a bit older, but for the moment these group classes are just perfect. This place is a gem! Highly recommended! 🙂


Baby sign language and yoga practices are introduced in these classes. Experience in these programs at a young age brings many benefits such as social and emotional development, language, cognitive and memory development as well as passion for musical expression. Self love and confidence is also a dominant theme in all three programs as they are an integral part of growing into a happy and successful being.