Kids Jungle Fit – A unique way to get your child moving and practicing their imagination! Overcome obstacles like jumping, running, crawling, balancing, while working as a team player … oh and make sure we hear your animal sounds loud and clear ! All classes conclude with motivational chats and mantras to practice during the week


Kids yoga – learn coping methods for stress, feelings of anxiety or fear of the unknown. Challenge the body physically with fun balancing poses themed around animals or characters that children can relate to and understand. All classes conclude with motivational chats and mantras to practice during the week

Soca Pop Kids Dance (Jr and Sr) is a combination of traditional Caribbean dance and hip hop, this program is a lot of fun and educational on all levels !

Children are encouraged to create their own dance moves and to support each other through the process. Small group performance at the end of the session.

All classes conclude with motivational chats and mantras to practice during the week


Gorilla Mini Chef

Taught by the famous Chef Soca Gorilla from Barbados, this is a confidence building course teaching children about making healthy food choices, and creating nutrient dense and balanced meals. Children will learn how to safely cut food items, and learn about healthier food substitutions to incorporate into their daily meals.

All meals created are taken home for consumption. Sandwiches, veggie prep, wraps, fruit sushi, pizza, spinach & artichoke dip & more ! All classes conclude with motivational chats and mantras to practice during the week


Be Who You Are

The Be Who You Are program is designed to balance creativity, challenge and fun to maximize the children’s understanding of what it means to be themselves. More challenging yoga poses and breathing exercises are introduced, and children will have access to new instruments such as the guitar, full size piano, and ukulele.

This program is an excellent way to expose your child to several different musical instruments before deciding what instrument best suits them as they continue on to private lessons.




Gorilla Mini Baker

Due to the popularity and demand of our mini chef program we have expanded to offer a sister program catered to baking !

Children will learn safety in the kitchen, how to bake basic treats and snacks, and also be educated in healthier options for consumption. Good prepared by students will be sent home to share with family. Class run by certified chef Soca Gorilla (Rico) and Baker Sarafina. 

Kids Creative Arts

Does your child have a general interest in expressing themself in arts of all kinds ?

This program offers a variety of activities and skill building around painting, sketching landscapes, sculpting and photography.

Students will create a portfolio that they collect at the end of the session with all of their work. No previous experience necessary

Kids Creative Writing

In this class, kids will learn how to harness their imaginations to create works ranging from poetry, song lyrics, life-writing, journaling, and creative fiction. At the same time, they will be practicing their reading and comprehension skills, learning about spelling and grammar, and how to express themselves through the written word.

At the end of the course, a selection of each student’s work will be included in the “Harmony Writes” zine, to be distributed to parents showcasing their children’s achievements.




Listen Here!

by Carly Manley | Silly Sing Along Songs

I had been searching for a creative space like this for a long time, and am thrilled to have found Carly and her wonderful staff at Harmony Yoga & Music studio! It’s clear that this is much more than a business for Carly. It’s a passion and a calling. From the moment we walked in the door we felt welcome and at home.
My son has recently started in the “Be Who You Are” program and looks forward to spending time with Carly and Brittney every Saturday morning. It’s so neat for him to be able to move, sing, and explore different instruments each week. These classes have just the right combination of structure and exploration for little ones. Carly has wonderful management skills and gets everyone involved and having fun while also learning a lot.
We’re looking forward to starting our son in private music classes once he’s a bit older, but for the moment these group classes are just perfect. This place is a gem! Highly recommended! 🙂